Apply to Community Liaison – NorCal/Hayward, CA

Job Description

As the job title implies, a community liaison fosters the relationships between the patients, facility staff and EMH clinicians by assisting in coordination of care and services.

Community liaisons establish patients’ eligibility of care, communicating with staff and interacting with a wide range of staff members, from admissions coordinators, administrators, director of nursing, case managers, social workers, staff developers (DSD’s), DHS surveyors, physicians.

They work in acute care, long-term acute care, hospice and rehabilitation environments.

They liaise between the patients, facilities, clinicians and the EMH home office.

– Minimum of 2 years experience working in Skilled Nursing and/or acute settings.

– Case Management, Social Services, or LVN floor experience is a plus

Job Duties

This job is performed in skilled nursing facilities, post-acute settings, and hospitals.

Community liaisons are often the first to assess patients’ for appropriate non-pharmacological recommendations, review their medical records and determine whether the patient should be pre-screened by a mental health clinician for possible evaluation and TX if appropriate. Referrals are based on diagnosis, history & physical, facility staff or physician referral.

They explain the types of care and services EMH offers to facility staff, patients and their families.

A liaison also works with the facility to schedule therapies, in-services and EMH clinical visits.

Coordinating with other staff members to ensure EMH operations and services are meeting company standard.

Community liaisons may also assist with verification of health insurance and its coverage, interacting with providers and the facility. Other duties might include training other staff members and consulting with the business development sales division.

Community liaisons may work with facility staff and clinicians to review patients on psychotropic medications, be a part of behavior management or psychotropic medication review committees. Offering recommendations for possible review for GDR’s psych evaluations for medication review to ensure that CMS guidelines are being followed. They are sometimes a part of an IDT for non-pharmacological support.

All recommendations being submitted to facilities must be reviewed and approved before submitting to facility staff.