Forensic Mental Health

stock-photo-symbol-of-law-and-justice-law-and-justice-concept-140867215Referral questions:
At Executive Mental Health, we are asked to consult on civil matters on behalf of the plaintiff and the defense. Additionally, we are appointed on criminal matters by the prosecution, the defense, and the judge.

Based on our background, training, and experience as researchers and clinicians, we distill the case down to its essential elements and explain our findings to attorneys in ways that enable them to determine how to best manage their cases and assist their clients in the most effective manner.  Moreover, our experience enables us to explain in a clear and concise manner the meaning and importance of the results of our evaluations to triers of fact, i.e., judges and juries.

All forensic mental health evaluations are provided on a fee-for-service basis. Cases are not accepted on a lien basis.

In what states can Executive Mental Health provide consultation?
Our clinicians are licensed in the states of California and Nevada. We obtain temporary licensure in different states on an as-needed basis.