About EMH

Over 25 Years of Service Supporting Mental Health

Founded in 1996 by Dr. Ari D. Kalechstein, Executive Mental Health (EMH) is a provider of integrated mental health services, including psychiatry, clinical psychology, and neuropsychology, and offers support for patients who experience a wide array of mental health conditions.

Our team has earned a reputation within the community as a trusted partner for quality mental health care.  Our reputation is based on the capacity of EMH clinicians to forge personal relationships with patients, respond to individual patient needs, and commit to best practices when providing clinical practice care.

EMH offers comprehensive psychiatry, clinical psychology, and neuropsychological evaluations in our Los Angeles outpatient clinic, and has worked with over 250 acute and long-term care facilities across the state of California and Nevada. Our award-winning group of clinicians is comprised of highly-trained psychiatrists, neuropsychologists, and clinical psychologists. Our goal is to assess and identify each patient’s individual needs and provide evidence-based, clinically effective psychological interventions and treatments.

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