Thank you for all the support and services you have all provided our facility. With my review, I have included thoughts related to your clinical care, support and responsiveness.

  1. Clinical Psychology
  2. Neuropsychology
  3. Psychiatry
  4. Liaison support
  5. Behavioral management
  6. Response time on urgent matters

Starting with the doctors, Dr. Jen So has been great with her weekly visits. She has gained rapport and clearly made positive changes to our participants. Talk therapy is evidently effective especially with the consistent weekly visits Dr. Jen has committed to.

Dr. Po Lu, Neuropsychologist has also been helpful for our residents requiring capacity clarification. A good example here was confirming status of one of the hospice residents we previously dealt with, who initially had capacity to make decisions. Your group has given us more clarity on how to determine the most appropriate plan for care for this individual, which was part of the challenges we continue to face during discharge planning.

Dr. Brian Wu and his psychiatric team has been very supportive and responsive for urgent situations. His recommendations have alleviated a lot of the symptoms and behaviors of concern. By evidence of reduced incidents, the EMH clinical team maintains and treats the residents appropriately by careful monitoring and through individualized treatment plans. Your participation in our monthly behavioral meetings has also helped our team resolve any flags identified by your group. Your feedback during these meetings keeps our facility within state compliance and we find that as a valuable service/perk that other groups do not offer.

Last but certainly not the least – Penelope, Bianca and Janette, I thank you for keeping your lines open for me whenever I reach out. my team and I appreciate the communication and the fast responses for every need the facility  has needed.

Overall, my experience with your group has been over satisfactory and we hope to maintain a wonderful relationship with all of you.” – Jasmine Rios, Case Manager, Downey Post Acute, Downey CA