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EMH has served over 250 SNF’s in California and Nevada

Since 1996, Executive Mental Health has focused on the diverse mental health needs of residents of acute and long-term care facilities, many of them older adults suffering from severe medical or behavioral health concerns.

As with any major life change, some residents struggle to adapt to the skilled nursing environment and may experience feelings of loneliness, anxiety, and concern for this new moment in their life. As a result, their mental health can be affected.

Research has shown that roughly half of the seniors living in long-term care homes can suffer from diagnosed depression or show symptoms of depression.

Although many elders in nursing homes experience symptoms of depression, they often will not disclose that they are depressed.  Hence, the depressive symptoms remain untreated and potentially worsen over time. EMH works closely with facilities to evaluate residents and ensure that symptoms are carefully reviewed: What can be considered a “normal” part of aging? What constitutes dementia? How can facilities best serve their resident’s overall well-being?

To assist nursing home residents and staff, EMH has developed a suite of services for skilled nursing facilities, including clinical psychology, neuropsychology (NP), and psychiatry. EMH clinicians carry out regular in-person and remote therapy sessions, neuropsychological evaluations, and psychiatric interventions, and provide our reports to facility staff so that they can monitor resident progress, prepare current care and discharge plans, inform MDS, update preadmission screen and resident review, and CMS (PDPM) reimbursement.

Neuropsychology (NP) assessments are used to create valuable baseline data to understand how COVID-19 affects the manner in which residents think, feel, and behave.

The EMH Difference

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Partnership for Compliance

EMH collaborates with the nurses, evaluates for potential  and provides necessary corrections to ensure your facility is in compliance, including review of orders signed and dated by the physicians/psychiatrists, appropriate diagnoses for psychotropics, care plans updates overlooked by MDS, signed consents, psychotropic assessment tools, GDR recommendations, and more.


Community Liaison

Each region has its own Community Liaison; the liaisons work closely with the DON’s, SSD’s and facility management to ensure residents and the SNF team get the support they need from EMH clinicians and staff.


Support During Survey

Trained in long-term care social services, behavioral health, and nursing, EMH’s liaisons can complete patient chart audits for compliance and assist the facilities to obtain successful results during annual surveys.


Multilingual Therapy

The EMH team of clinicians can offer neuropsychology in three languages (English, Spanish, and Mandarin) and clinical psychology in nine languages (English, Spanish, Mandarin, Taiwanese, French, Haitian Creole, Japanese, Korean, and German).


Remote Care Via Telehealth

EMH clinicians are equipped to carry out regular clinical psychological sessions via teleconferencing, meeting all HIPAA reporting requirements and at no additional cost to the facility. EMH provides an iPad tablet to provide care. on-site Device Technician to ensure the sessions are carried out, without burdening the facility team.


In-Service Training for Facilities

EMH psychologists and neuropsychologists are trained to provide practical, timely in-services to facility staff at no cost to the facility.


25+ Insurances Accepted

EMH’s team is accredited with groups including Medicare, AETNA, Blue Cross Blue Shield, Cigna, Humana, IEHP, United Behavioral Health, Cal Optima, Kaiser Permanente, MHN, Molina Healthcare, Optum, San Francisco Health Plan, and more.

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