For over 25 years, Executive Mental Health has offered psychological support for residents of over 250 acute and long-term care facilities across California and Nevada. We provide short and long-term, clinically effective, and efficient psychological interventions. We customize a comprehensive diagnostic assessment and treatment plan that benefits each resident and their care team providers.

Why Partners Appreciate Working With Us


EMH is a provider of integrated mental health services with expertise in psychiatry, clinical psychology, and neuropsychology. Our quality professionals offer partner support for patients who experience various mental health conditions.


As a trusted partner in mental health care, we work with acute and long-term care facilities to manage their workload more efficiently while educating staff regarding mental health issues to provide every client with customized care that’s essential for successful treatment.


At EMH, we honor our partnerships with facilities across California and Nevada. You can trust that we will provide you with the highest level of professionalism that exceeds expectations to help residents live happier, healthier lives.


EMH is fast and responsive to our partner’s needs. We pride ourselves on creating long-lasting relationships that extend far beyond facility expectations to support patients and improve specific mental health outcomes.