Executive Mental Health (EMH) seeks to hire a psychiatrist who is experienced and knowledgeable in the assessment and treatment of individuals with various mental health disorders, some of whom also have been diagnosed with chronic medical conditions and many of whom are older adults. The role will include both administrative and clinical responsibilities, including the training and supervision of nurse practitioners. We are looking for someone with a strong work ethic, a collaborative interpersonal style, and excellent training.

EMH is a rapidly growing company, comprised of 30 clinical psychologists, neuropsychologists, nurse practitioners, and psychiatrists. EMH also includes extensive support staff, including billing, community liaisons, office management, human resources, and technological support.  Our next phase of expansion will be the hiring of physicians and nurse practitioners, which was/is based on the need for competent clinicians to manage the prescription of psychotropic medications as we continue to deliver quality mental health services to a diverse, underserved population residing in skilled nursing facilities (as well as other levels of care). We emphasize the biopsychosocial model and communicate with staff in a collegial way to improve patients’ quality of life.

To apply or inquire for more details, please send your C.V. with an optional cover letter to

  • Licensed MD/DO in the State of California; ability to prescribe medication (required).
  • Medicare Provider eligibility (required).
  • Willingness to be placed on various 3rd party insurer panels (required).
  • Training and experience in treating medically compromised individuals (required).
  • Experience in, or the ability to adapt to, delivering care via telemedicine (required).
  • Supervisory experience with other clinicians (required).
  • Previous experience completing documentation for Medicare/insurance reimbursement, including an understanding of E&M coding is recommended.
  • Experience in a palliative care/inpatient / or geriatric setting is recommended.
  • Openness to pursuing licensure in additional states
  • Competitive salary, which will increase commensurate with the company based on the:
    • Number of nurse practitioners supervised + Productivity of supervisees.
  • Work primarily from a remote location within Los Angeles or Orange County, e.g., home
  • Fully subsidized, low deductible healthcare insurance
  • Matching 401(k), which begins after a 1-year
  • Monthly stipend for childcare ($400)
  • Covered costs include malpractice insurance, yearly licensing fees, technology, e.g., computer, cell phone

Assist with creation of a:

  • Psychiatric mental health progress note that facilitates ease of documentation for nurse practitioners (Note: The progress note would be integrated into proprietary software that is already developed and utilized by EMH clinicians).
  • Framework for the hiring, training, and oversight of nurse practitioners.
  • Series of policies and procedures, including best practice guidelines for the treatment of patients’ cognitive and psychiatric symptoms via medication management. This would include, but is not limited to:
    • Ensuring adherence to guidelines offered by CMS.
    • Developing guidelines to optimize communication with facility staff
      • Preparing treatment recommendations in language that is understandable to facility staff.
      • Clarifying timelines for communication of specific information to facility staff, e.g., when labs should be drawn.
      • Documenting and reporting various risk-related issues, e.g., mandated reporting
    • Identifying the requisite labs to be obtained given the prescription of particular medication(s) and/or presence of a particular medical condition(s).
    • Creating a treatment approach and related documentation that adheres to gradual dose reduction (GDR) guidelines.
    • Awareness of current CMS reimbursement codes related to assessment and treatment of the patient population.
    • Providing guidance for the creation of documentation that exceeds minimum standards for instance reimbursement.
    • Promoting the use of nonpharmacologic treatment approaches, when appropriate.

Work within an interdisciplinary model of care – including a collaborative team approach with other EMH providers such as clinical psychologists and neuropsychologists, as well as skilled nursing facility staff. Participate in behavioral management and interdisciplinary team meetings (Note: Nurse practitioners may serve in this capacity).

Complete relevant medical-legal documentation, including but not limited to, conservatorship, affidavit of a medical doctor as to incapacity of person for the power of attorney to become effective, Health and Safety Code Section 1418.8, aka “Epple Act.”

  • Strong interpersonal and communication skills to establish and maintain effective working relationships with colleagues, patients, and facility staff.
  • Familiarity with a multi-disciplinary approach to provide assessment and treatment of mental health and neurocognitive disorders. This includes:
    • A solid understanding of, or a strong willingness to learn about, how to interpret and utilize neuropsychological evaluations in the provision of care.
    • A solid understanding of, or a strong willingness to learn about, the role that clinical psychology and neuropsychology play in the comprehensive treatment care model.
  • Willingness to assume additional clinical duties as requested or needed to ensure that normal organization operations are sustained and to ensure compliance with facility state standards in preparation for survey.
  • Ability to manage daily schedules, review/disposition of consults, monitor appointment utilization and patient access to care, and conduct mandatory clinical training.
  • Participate in the development/utilization of peer review rubric for nurse practitioners.
  • Ability to work independently and take ownership of responsibilities. Excellent insight and judgment skills, ability to take initiative in order to problem-solve issues and seek out clinical consultation when appropriate.