I wanted to take the time and provide feedback and gratitude for EMH
This team is one of most responsive and hands on when it comes to visiting, evaluation and treating all our patients. I am a social worker with many many years in the field of behavioral support and geriatric care. I’ve also worked with other psychiatry groups and if I’d have to compare I can without a doubt say that EMH is not only visit treat and do their part. They deliver, they care and also call families, going through extra mile to provide the visual picture of what the residents are going through of picture them walking a mile in our residents shoes to know and understand behaviors.
EMH also had helped out staff understand behaviors and how to deal with challenging behaviors and characters as well as how their memory functions
I want to highlight these three individuals
Dr. Po Lu, Dr. Jen So and Dr. Jessica Arzate.
Dr. Jennifer So had been able to navigate one of our most delicate cases with family dynamics and trauma. She does is do effortlessly and has brought up this timid patient to actually enjoy socializing and overcome fears she has dealt with.
Jessica Azarte is extremely supportive, listening to the behaviors, contacting families, talking to patients, explaining sign and symptoms as well as looking at an overall patient center regimen.
Dr. Po provided quality work and team support with everyone in EMH. I hear he is doing so much great things and has even volunteered to help others for missionary work in Asia.
I want to particularly highlight their efforts in ensuring that their findings align with the medication treatment plans for the residents. Their time and dedication they’ve made to support the patients and the facility providing face to face care also has been commendable.
It shows character and compassion for patients in need of support.
—– María Perex