In-Service Training

Better Payment, Better Mental Health Outcomes Under PDPM

Since 2020, two major happenings have affected the ability of SNFs to attend to the mental health of their residents: COVID-19 and the start of PDPM. In this CE, we explore how neuropsychology and clinical psychology can support mental health care and reimbursement. We’ll review the basic process of PDPM and define the value of neuropsychology (NP) and clinical psychology (CP) assessment, especially during COVID-19. Next, we’ll see how NP and CP testing drives reimbursement and set forth best practices in working together towards ideal outcomes.

Dementia 101: Managing Behavioral and Psychological Symptoms of Dementia

Patients with dementia, particularly those with moderate or severe impairment, can exhibit behavioral and/or psychological symptoms that make it difficult to care for them in a skilled nursing setting. These behaviors can significantly affect the facility environment and contribute to staff burnout. In this CE, we cover how to understand and address these symptoms using a person-centered approach that is treatment plan friendly.

COVID-19 on the Brain: How Neuropsychology Assessments Support Residents’ Mental Health

Coronavirus has resulted in both the onset of new mental state disorders in skilled nursing facility residents and a worsening of pre-existing mental state conditions for those who had previously been diagnosed with a disorder. To identify those brain-related disorders, neuropsychological assessment represents a powerful, easy-to-implement tool that can provide SNF staff with timely, useful information, including an up-to-date, accurate differential diagnosis and targeted treatment recommendations. In this presentation, we present the current research regarding the effects of COVID-19 on the brain and offer suggestions on how to manage these new-onset conditions.

Setting Up for Survey Success: Checklist Mental Health Success in Survey

Are you CMS survey-ready? Typically conducted by the surveyors from the state department of community health, these annual reports focus closely on patient care documentation and the corresponding policies and procedures that drive care implementation. EMH will share how skilled nursing facilities can ensure timely and accurate reporting on the residents in order to show compliance with CMS standards.

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