By Dr. Ari D. Kalechstein

If you’d asked me back in March 2020 – when I was standing in a line at a local Best Buy in hopes of picking up iPads to launch our very first Telehealth program — what the future held for us, I would have hesitated to answer, except that I’ve always had confidence that the EMH team could solve problems and overcome most any obstacle that we faced. There was so much uncertainty, so much to unravel, and yes, a long wait ahead of us before things went back to “normal.” But fortunately, we were able to get those tablets, formulate a plan to initiate telehealth care on behalf of our partner facilities and residents, and create awareness and appreciation for Telehealth, all of which enabled EMH to evolve during these extraordinary times.

Three years later, EMH received recognition for our efforts. It happened because of the hard work of our exec staff, our clinicians, the liaisons, and the TMAs. Yes, I am standing on the stage receiving the award, but please know that honor was earned because the members of EMH came together during one of the most challenging eras in our respective lifetimes. It was and is a team effort.

It was my honor to represent us at this awards ceremony. I am so proud of what we’ve accomplished and look forward to celebrating future successes with you, Thank you to the entire EMH team for everything you do to support the mental healthcare needs of our community.